White Glove Delivery

  • ARCADIA HOME DELIVERY, LLC provides a Delivery Team of two uniformed men.
  • The Delivery Team will deliver the purchased product listed on the Bill of Lading to Customer’s designated destination.
  • The Delivery Team will unpack and assemble any delivered items, as necessary.
  • The Delivery Team will place the product in Customer's room of choice one time.
  • The Delivery Team will not move or reposition any item already in Customer’s possession or care.
  • Any item over 300 lbs. or any item of extraordinary size or dimension may require Customer help. Arcadia Home Delivery will make every reasonable effort to notify Customer prior to delivery that additional help will be required.
  • Customer help may be required where Delivery Team must park more than 100 yards from the destination, where there are low ceilings, where there are tight or unusual turns and/or corners, or where the set-up location is otherwise difficult to access through normal and customary means.
  • If the set-up location is inaccessible through normal and customary means and, as a result, delivery cannot be accomplished, Customer remains responsible for payment of the entire bill.


  • The furniture is inspected at the time of receipt. Any cartons/packaging with visible damage is refused.
  • We immediately notify the Vendors of any defective items.
  • Crated items are not inspected and remain crated during the entire storage period and transport. We are not responsible for damage to crated items.
  • The items are stored in a 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse until time of loading/delivery.


  • We contact the Customers to confirm the delivery schedule before their order is loaded for delivery. We do our best to accommodate our Customer's busy schedule.
  • We will give the Customer a 3 to 4-hour delivery window prior to loading.
  • We provide the Customer updates during the trip should there be any changes to the delivery window.
  • We notify the Customer one-hour before arrival.
  • Redelivery charges will apply should the Customer fail to keep their delivery appointment.